November 12, 2014

From Greece – A small “detour” to talk about what happened the last couple of days


The last couple of days, few things have happened. Firstly, as I have mentioned before, someone is coming with me in Australia and we had lodged an application for his student visa, next day, we got an answer from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), asking for some supporting documents, we launched those documents and now we are waiting for a reply, which is very disturbing cause you keep checking your mail every 5 seconds… (they said it’d be up to 7 days to get an answer) and as today is the 6th day, we will probably get an answer soon,,,I will explain about our visas and the whole process on my next post.

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November 7, 2014

From Greece – Part 1 ( What happened with my vlogging? )


The answer is nothing! Nothing really happened. Every day I ‘ll start filming them and every night my SEphobia would kick in, that being the case, from that day till today I haven’t film a single video.

I spent hours hating SEphopia, as that’s what’s between me and vlogging, when I found some kind of alternative which obviously was blogging. Blogging now seems to semi-satisfies my need to talk about my immigration journey. It may be an alternative, but at least SEphobia has no place here!

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November 5, 2014

From Greece -Part 1 (more realizations, more problems?)


…Let me tell you now about what happens every time I have to do something I don’t know how…I’m googling it and 90% of the time I end up YouTubing it (is YouTubing a thing?I don’t know, let’s make it a thing now)!
So every time I have to do something I haven’t done before, such as, painting my room myself or making homemade pizza, I KNEW I could do something that can help me, guide me and enlighten me and that something was YouTubing my task! You know…Google itself, it’s ok, but having someone, a human probably, telling you that if you put that there, mix it up and add some of this, I guarantee it will come up and taste like a pizza, is waaay more convincing and reliable (btw that’s how I almost burned down my kitchen…I relied..and I was watching the damn thing cooking and while my oven was practically smoking that guy’s oven was proudly baking that pizza with no regrets…imagine what would happen if I had only read a recipe on Google…)

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November 4, 2014


Hello everyone! I’m Elen (well, that’s debatable) and I’m turning 19 this month (09/Nov/2014). I live in Greece but few months ago I decided I’m moving to Australia (Melbourne) where my dad lives! I want to study there, but I haven’t decided in which Uni yet…well hopefully I’ll be there by the end of this month, so we’ll see then…

Here I will be writing about my immigration to Australia and all the things that have happened so far and may happen till and after I arrive in Australia. Things that look weird to me but may be the most common thing for Australians. I will try to describe my journey day by day, hopping for a happy ending…or a happy BRAND NEW BEGINNING if you may.

As you may have already noticed, I’m a non native english speaker therefore, excuse my mistakes and feel free to correct me…I’m probably my only “reader” but basically that’s good because I can write whatever e.g. “I cant wait” or “Your very good” e.t.c. and I’m pretty sure no one will ever notice…but then again I may indeed be my only “reader” which now doesn’t sound THAT good…oh well.