September 13, 2015

It’s been a long time…


It has been a long time since I last posted, and I sincerely apologize :(  So many things have happened since then, and I believe I have also changed as a person. Let me brake it down for you…

I had just came here, not knowing what to expect, or maybe expecting the wrong things to be more precised. If I can say one thing  that is that moving to another country is hard as hell for millions of different reasons. Taking me as an example, I came from a place that everything was provided to me, living with my mother, and when I say everything I am not only talking about money, food and a home. I mean the liiiittle things, the things that most of people my age do not realize.

First months everything was going smoothly, and then suddenly….the CHAOS! Fights were starting from nowhere and I couldn’t understand why, everything seemed so crazy and outrageous to me, suddenly I had no clean socks, nobody to clean after me – not my room or anything, just nobody to clean the things that a mom cleans and you do not realize she does until she stops – , and nobody to remind me to eat daily, I’m talking the very basics of the human survival here…so I started talking care of myself and anyhow I got used to it (mostly others made me do it, but, yeah…) and started to behave more like an adult for the first time.

All of a sudden, and after looking for a job for aaaages, or at least it seemed like ages, I found a job, then a better job, then a better that became worse, then a better one again, and anyway at least I was working. and everything seemed to have found its place. By the way, it’s so disappointing  how much of a pig some people are,  but that’s life…

Not only bad things happened of course,  for the, many, past moths I enjoy life here and it is completely different from what it was when I first came, Australia is a beautiful place, HELL I even started to get interested in pots and pans and door mats and health and hair and  a whole new spectrum of interests heheheh 😉

Sorry for being absent for so long but it turned out to be really hard to blog while you’re trying to sort out your whole life. I’m back now and there are tons of new posts and updates to come as well as Youtube videos I believe :)

Disclaimer – When I am talking about how I used to be back in Greece, I do not mean that I was one of those people that expects everything from mommy and does nothing to help, I ‘m making it sound a little worse than it is just to make a point.

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