December 5, 2014

From Greece – Part 2 (What do I want to study)


As I’ve mentioned before, I had some trouble figuring out if I’d be considered Domestic or International student, but yesterday I asked the lawyer who had applied for my visa and I could say, things are way clearer now.

From the lawyer’s answer I learned 2 things that I was struggling to get an answer to. First being that although I have all the rights a permanent resident or an Australian citizen has<—-first one I will still be considered an international student till I will be eligible for the permanent visa (subclass 100) two years from the date the temporary visa was applied  (4 November 2013). That being said, I will only pay domestic fees from 5 November 2015 and after <—- second one.
So, about my studies…
I got my first certificate in graphic design and then I decided Advertising is what I really want to study, I saw a connection in between those two so I thought I should take my graphic design skills a step further, that’s when I got my level 5 diploma in graphic design. Long story short, advertising is what I really want to study but it seems like the only way to study Advertising is to go through Business, Marketing Bachelor in order to get an Advertising diploma (or a higher one), which is fine if that’s the only way.
I’m currently searching for any kind of Advertising diploma available to international students (I’m only looking fore a TAFE not a University) but I can’t find something so specific as Advertising in the Business field. I think I have one choice and one choice only, which is to get a diploma in Marketing (which is available for international student) so that next year, when I’ll be considered a domestic student, I will already have a Marketing’s diploma to support my Bachelor of Advertising which I will then (5 November 2015) be able to attend. I don’t know, it sounds like a pretty good alternative to me.,,

Last thing about the topic of “studies”, I am not sure if I should apply for a course  before or after I get to Australia, but as I only have a week till I leave, I should probably concentrate on something else and make a decision about my studies when I get there.,,,

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