December 3, 2014

From Greece – Part 2 UPDATES and DEEP THOUGHTS



The visa I was waiting for, has been granted!! After what had happened with those wrong papers we’d sent, I was starting to think I will only be able to leave mid December but right when those thoughts were crossing my mind, the visa grand notice came!

I was, and I still am so happy and at the same time so sad. Things are getting real. All this time I hadn’t realized that I’m actually leaving Greece, that I’m actually leaving all those people I love, I hadn’t even realized I love so many people.

Thinking about it, it made me understand that, in order to succeed in life, you have to make sacrifices, either big or small…

Diving into deep thinking….

I’ve also realized how boring my life is from time to time, and also why. The moments that I’ve found myself postponing things or doing absolutely nothing all day long, just because I had let something affect my mood are waaay too many. I’ve realized how many things I could have done instead of just wandering around my problems and concerns trying to understand why they’ve happened, don’t get me wrong, thinking is a great process to understand why things are the way they are, but overthinking leads you to a point where you can no longer be objective, you start making scenarios and thoughts that are way out of reality and things are getting even worse when you can’t find someone to blame, What happens then is blaming yourself for an unrealistic situation that only exists inside your own mind…

Nevertheless, there are so many things I’m looking forward to. So many great places to visit and so many great things to see and learn. New memories are going to be created, things that seemed to be so unreachable, now they seem so attainable. I feel like this decision motivates me in a way I never new I could be motivated. It makes me wanna do things, to be more productive.

So that was it!After all that anxiety and all that pending, now I can finally leave and proceed my dreams in Australia. I am looking forward to see if things are going to be as I thought.

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