November 18, 2014

From Greece – Part 2 (Australia, how and why?)


Let’s start from the very beginning. My dad was born in Greece but raised in Australia since the age of 12 when he came back to Greece. He used to live in Greece until about 3 years ago when he decided to move back in Australia as he was an Australian citizen and he had that great choice, and he did.

Later on things got complicated, he lost his Australian citizenship, he returned to Greece, he got his Australian citizenship back, he left again…aaanyhow, now is the third year for him living in Australia. giving me and my brother the opportunity to move in Australia if we want to.

My visa, along with his wife’s (subclass 309/100) were granted this summer and although I don’t seem to completely understand my visa’s rights, I am going to find out anyway. I intend to study Marketing and later on Advertising and I hope for a place at RMIT University but, as my residency status isn’t clear at the moment, which means I am not sure if I’m considered domestic or international student, I haven’t applied for my course yet because it may take few months or even a year till I’m considered an Australian permanent resident (University fees rise from about 9.000$ for Domestic students, to about 22.000$ for International) so that’s one more problem for me.
That pretty much is the “how” am I able to live in Australia, now the “why” is another story with the key-word OPPORTUNITIES. I find Australia one of the greatest countries, either you want to visit or live permanently, Australia is the dream-country for me, providing you with a great education system a very descent healthcare and with great job opportunities and opportunities for your dreams to come true but apart from this, there are other reasons why I refer to Australia as the dream-country.
Even though I know so little about Australia, there are some things that amaze me, one being the lifestyle, which is completely different from my country’s. People live in another pace there, more alive, more cheerful…another being the seasons…Christmas in summer? Summer in New year’s Eve? I can’t even….also as silly as it may sounds, the ocean and the animals there amaze me too, I’ll get to see waves, big ones. and kangaroos what else can someone ask for (?) and the list goes ooon and on.
I can write pages and pages for things I like about Australia, but I think I’ve covered the “why” part so, I’m going to stop…for now.
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