February 17, 2015

From Australia – Part 2 ( job search and student visa rights )



I ‘ve been here in Australia for about 2 months now and from the moment I set foot here (well maybe a little later) I was looking for a job and let me tell you, I’ve seen some weird shit.

The truth is one and one only and that one truth is that there are plenty of jobs. That’s what you see at first glance…You see a bunch of sites (which I will link below) and twice as many jobs. Well for someone that has come here for work only, things are gonna be pretty smooth and easy, but what happens when you’ve came here to study and your life looks like that? —> free time < money need. That’s when you realize, as I myself realized, that even though there are so many jobs available, when you  are a student and you have a timetable that says…well…I have to give you 10 hours of classes in 5 days…pip pip pip…calculating…oh I found it, lets just write 10 numbers in 10 papers, place a calendar on a table and throw the papers in the air so wherever they land that’s when you’re gonna come for your class… then things are different and your timetable really is a problem in your job search. Here is how a dialog would be between a student living in Australia, searching for a job and a recruitment agency for eg.

A = Agency

S = Student

A: Hey, this is *recruitment agency name*, we’re calling back to inform you about all the available positions we have for you.

S: Wonderful, go on.

A: We have *listing 10 morning jobs* are you interested in one of those?

S: Well, I have Uni generally in the mornings, but I’m available on Monday, Friday and Weekends mornings.

A: Hmm, that wouldn’t work,  they need someone for Tuesday and Thursday too. Let’s see what else we have available…ok…what about *job name*? They want someone Mon, Fri and Weekend mornings and Thursday, Tuesday evenings. How about that?

S: That’s great, can you tell me the address and hours?

A: Yes, its 9 am-5  mornings and 5 pm-1 am evenings and the address is…

S: hold on hold on, I’m a student, I’m not allowed to work more than 40 hours/fortnight…do you have something with part time hours available?

A: We actually do have. It’s *job name* and they need someone Monday evenings only.

S: One day per week?I can’t pay my Uni fees working only one day…

A: Oh yeeees you can, they will pay you 500/day

S: Now we’re talking, what exactly is this job about?

A: Oh, you will just have to work for a fundraiser.

S: Ok, that will do(you take address etc ) Thanks a lot. bye bye

After that phone call, feeling great, realizing that things weren’t THAT hard after all, you call the fundraiser to make an appointment to see them..you go, you sit through a long shitty interview, only to find out that you will start with commission and you will only get paid 500/day after you’ve worked 5 years with commission salary…you lay down, try not to cry, cry a lot.

 Things for me though, are a little easier as I have full working rights, meaning that I can work as many hours as I want to, but generally for those who are here on a student visa their conditions about work are strictly 40 hours/fortnight (fortnight=14 days) when your course is in session and you can work full time when you are on holidays.

Jobs that I see available for students are jobs at KFC, McDonald’s etc. or evening and night shifts at bars clubs etc. because everything else here closes at around 4 pm. The are exceptions such as Coles, Woolworths or Kmart (all big chains of supermarkets) that may work until 8 pm or even 24/7.

What I would personally advise someone that’s desperate for that matter is, make a resume that complements you, search every day, apply for every job you can see yourself working even if it’s not the ideal job for you, don’t give up no matter what, talk to someone, and keep as calm as you can! Maybe you can start with a few hours at first at a crappy job but that will give you some money after all, and you will feel better if you do something that gives you a little money rather than having no income at all.  

Once you’ve overcome the first difficulties (which takes a lot of time and effort) you will really see life differently, you would be able to enjoy things more, you will sleep happier and you will wake up more confident.

Here are some links that I found useful till now for job search:

1. http://www.careerone.com.au/

2. http://www.seek.com.au/

3. http://au.indeed.com/

4. http://jobsearch.gov.au/

From me…


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