February 1, 2015

From Australia – Part 2 (First impressions)


Now it’s time to explore Australia I said few weeks ago, yet I’ve seen so little. Let’s start from the very beginning.

The day we arrived, I did pretty much nothing but sleeping. When I finally woke up, I tried to make a list, to get some things done.


The list included:

1. Applying for my course.


That happened the first week. I decided to study Marketing at NMIT.

NMIT is one of the many TAFEs here which is something like an Institute or College depending on what level you study at. I’m currently enrolled at Marketing Diploma/Advanced Diploma (6 months + 6 months)

This is the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF):

  • Certificate I-IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma,
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor degree and honours
  • Graduate Certificate/Diploma
  • Masters degree
  • Doctoral degree

I visited NMIT…it looks ok to me, clean, tidy blah blah blah…good stuff. I got my student id which is basically a card with your photo and name that gives you discounts at Cinema, Zoo and that kind of stuff.


You don’t have to give them a photo of you, they snap one there and give you the card ready with the printed photo….oh technology!

2. Apply for a Bank Account

I applied at a local Bank so that I don’t have to pay extra 4$ (currency exchange from EU to AUD) every time I wanted to cash some money from the ATM and also to have an Australian bank account as when you get a job, they put your money in your account when they have to pay you.

3. Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN)

TFN is a number you get in order to work (or in order to pay your taxes), useful shit. You can apply online and it comes with the post after 1-2 weeks.

4. Apply for Medicare (health insurance)

I got a Medicare card, green-ish and shinny, covers the very basics, like a pathology doctor or a cardiologist, x-rays and some other simple shit.

5. Myki transportation card.

Here in Melbourne (and everywhere else in Australia I assume) they don’t use tickets for their trains, trams etc. etc. they use Myki. Myki is a business sized green card you can buy at any metro train station for 10$ that you top-up with money before you use and you touch on & off on some special scanning things when you boarding and leaving the train or any other mean of transportation plus you show upon request at the “Myki guy”, the guy who checks your card.

There is also a concession form of this card. It is also a green card with a big C on the back and you use it same way. In order to get this card, you should either be unemployed Australian resident/citizen or an Australian resident/citizen Student. You complete a form which you can get at any train station and you take that for at Centerlink* or TAFE/UNI depending on what you are.

*Centerlink is responsible for the development of service delivery policy and provide access to social, health and other payments and services.

That’s all for now, I’m coming back with more info and a new video soon!

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