December 17, 2014

From Australia – Part 1 (The flights)


So we made it to Australia! Today I feel the need to talk about the journey. It was a long one, 31 hours with 3 fights, to be more specific. Lots of goodbyes at the airport, and a great amount of tears made me wondering if it would be better to be alone at the airport instead of having all those people you love with you, looking at them being all sad and teared up, giving promises that I didn’t know if I could keep…

We took the first flight from Greece to Germany, at about 3:30 pm local time, it was the shortest flight, about 3 hours long but it was also the hardest as I had just said goodbye to everybody, not knowing when the next time I would see them would be. A variety of thoughts was crossing my mind, would they be as supportive as they were up until the point I’ve last seen them? Would they be happy after all? How many of them would still be by my side although I’d left them? After all those questions full of doubt and uncertainty I started to think differently, and the question, instead of “would they” became “would I”…would I be happy after all? Would I still be able to be by their side although I’m now living so far away? The answer was clear for me. I knew I’d be the same person I was before and that I’d do anything in my power to keep things between me and them as good as possible. I know time will be limited and timing will be a biach, but whoever really cares for me, will understand, just like I will…

Second flight took us from Germany to leave us in Singapore. The longest flight, 13 hours and 15 minutes! To my surprise the flight was pretty good. Drinks  from coffeè  and juice to beer and wine along with 3 meals with a variety of snacks in between them, were served during the flight. An entertainment screen with up-to-date movies and many other features was available too. Arriving at Singapore’s airport first thing I noticed was the carpet covering the floor of that huge airport and the train existing there to transport people across the airport. As I got further into the airport I saw a small custom lake with koi-fishes inside and the well-known butterfly garden in which I did’t get in as I couldn’t enter with my baggage, maybe next time,

Last flight, from Singapore to Melbourne! It was a shorter flight, 8 hours and 30 minutes. the in flight service as well as the entertainment options were equally good as both last flights were from Singapore airlines. Arriving at Melbourne’s airport we faced a long queue leading us to multiple security checks, one of those, with an adorable little dog who walked in between us sniffing around for food or drugs. After about an hour, we finally retrieved our luggage and headed towards the exit.

Now it’s time to explore Australia : )

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