November 5, 2014

From Greece -Part 1 (more realizations, more problems?)


…Let me tell you now about what happens every time I have to do something I don’t know how…I’m googling it and 90% of the time I end up YouTubing it (is YouTubing a thing?I don’t know, let’s make it a thing now)!
So every time I have to do something I haven’t done before, such as, painting my room myself or making homemade pizza, I KNEW I could do something that can help me, guide me and enlighten me and that something was YouTubing my task! You know…Google itself, it’s ok, but having someone, a human probably, telling you that if you put that there, mix it up and add some of this, I guarantee it will come up and taste like a pizza, is waaay more convincing and reliable (btw that’s how I almost burned down my kitchen…I relied..and I was watching the damn thing cooking and while my oven was practically smoking that guy’s oven was proudly baking that pizza with no regrets…imagine what would happen if I had only read a recipe on Google…)

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