Q. Who are you?

A. My name is Eleni, I’m 19 y/o. I am living in Australia, but I am originally from Greece.

Q. Why did you  move to Australia?

A. I moved here to study and live a better life whilst doing it.

Q.  What made you start a blog?

A. I struggled to find someone to explain and show me what moving from one country to another feels like and it was also hard for me to find details about every day Australian things so I decided to start this blog to describe feelings and facts along the way hopping it would some day be a helpful “guide” to someone.

Q. How often are you posting a blog post?

A. I would love to say once or twice a week but the truth is it may be twice a week it may be once in two weeks…it may be anytime. Whenever I have new information to give you and something useful to write I will.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. All my contact details are in the “Contact me” section which is displayed in my home page and I’d love to hear from you.

Q. How can I leave a comment?

A. In order to leave a comment you should click on the post you’d like to leave a comment to open it individually. Then a comment form will appear.